Alex comes from a family passionate about the arts, who instilled in him a sense of beauty and responsibility toward bringing contemporary and modern Latin American Art to the mainstream, which he had dedicatedly helped to do for the past 30 years.

Born in Venezuela, Alex was immediately immersed in to the world of art as the son of two accomplished auctioneers and art dealers from whom he learned the preliminary intricacies of "the business" until he left home at 11 years old to receive a classical education in the Untied States. He returned to Venezuela at the age of 17 to study at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello whilst simultaneously working as the director of a prestigious gallery in Caracas.

In 1999, Alex returned to the U.S. and trained with the International Society of Appraisers and the National Auctioneers Association, specializing in Latin American Art. He became the official auctioneer for the Museum of Puerto Rico as well as a consultant for many important museums and auction houses in the U.S. until 2002 when he moved to Southern California to serve as the Associate Director at the Museum of Latin America Art (MOLAA) and Executive Director of LA Art Core where he managed the development and curatorial departments.

After thirteen fruitful years in Los Angeles, Alex decided to go back into the family business and thus The Business of Art was born. 


Jillian approaches everything she does with curiosity and respect which serves as the foundation of her estimable taste.


With a BA in human development as well as an MFA in acting from the prestigious Yale School of Drama, she has has spent her lifetime in pursuit of all things that bring about wonder and beauty in the human spirit and that speak the truth of the human condition. She has lended her curatorial aid to dozens of projects in the mediums of theater, film, fashion, music, and fine art and continues to cultivate her keen eye through travel and an exposure to new cultures and experiences.


Jillian’s most recent/current projects include a global commercial for Jacob’s Coffee, a new rock opera with music by Amanda Palmer, and a short film written by Wallace Shawn. Also, she made this website and takes care of Alex so that he may take care of you.