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From photographing your collection, to getting a certificate and making sure all the files are complete, we have several great programs as well as professionals to get your collection up to date for Museum exhibition lending, prepping for a sale, or getting a loan on your collection.


We are aware of how valuable information is for keeping track of your works of art. We can help organize and manage your inventory so you can have detailed records of your collection, tailored to your needs. 


The history of the work of art is as important as the work itself. We can aid you in compiling information and written records about the provenance of your collection.   


We are committed to helping protect your works of art. We can assess your collection and get it insured by the best fine art brokers in the country.

Conditions Reports

We have the skills to properly inspect your work of art and give you a clear and concise report of the current state of your work to be able to recommend the correct procedure or simply to be able to sell your work better.

Conservation and Certification

We work with the best conservators in the Nation and have a network of specialists that will respond to any particular need that the damaged work requires. From a simple cleaning to an accidental damage we will provide the best professional to the work. We can 

Packing, Shipping, and Storing

Whether you want to pack and ship overseas or across the country. It may be a short storage needs or you are taking a long vacation, we can best advise you to the needs of your collection. We have strong relationships with exceptional companies that have AAA reputation and the best and safest procedures.
Inventory and individual files.

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